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Our Vision

Croydon Conference Centre Vision Statement

Croydon Conference Centre aims to become the pre-eminent events, function and conference centre in the region, and will actively work with appropriate key stakeholders to ensure that all resources are appropriately utilised, in an effective and efficient manner.

We will guarantee an ethos of customer care, and build long-term relationships with them, act in a socially responsible manner and provide career development opportunities for employees to ensure sustainability.

Croydon Conference Centre will operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines, driven by local needs of the communities we serve; we will invest in local capacity building, have a commitment to equality, and where appropriate, adopt innovative and creative approaches to assist and meet with client requirements.

Underpinning these values will be a commitment to quality assurance through the adoption of a relevant quality management system when the time is right, supported by regular reporting, and a culture of continuous improvement.