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Terms of Service


1.1. These Bookings Terms and Conditions form a contract between Croydon Conference Centre and the Client whereby Croydon Conference Centre grants the Client access to the Centre for the staging of the Event (‘this Agreement’)

2.Booking and Payment

2.1. All bookings must be confirmed in writing. The person who signs the booking request shall be considered the hirer. When a booking is made on behalf of an organisation, the person signing warrants that he/she is authorised to commit the Client to this Agreement and shall be jointly and severally liable in respect of the booking with the Client.

2.2.Client responsibilities

2.2.1. The Client shall be held responsible for insuring all equipment brought on to the premises, for the safety of such equipment and for any damage caused to Croydon Conference Centre property by any equipment or exhibits brought on to the premises.

2.2.2. The Client shall be responsible for appointing, paying and supervising all Contractors they bring onto the premises to facilitate their event.

2.2.3. The Client will ensure that any necessary licences, permissions or approvals in relation to the Event are obtained and that copies of any such documents are provided to Croydon Conference Centre more than 7 (seven) days before the Event.

2.2.4. The client will ensure that no permanent or temporary objects are driven into any part of the Centre nor any adhesive attached to it or it’s equipment without the prior written consent of Croydon Conference Centre; no display posters, boards, signs, flags or other emblems or advertisements inside or outside any part of the Centre without the prior written consent of Croydon Conference Centre.

2.2.5. The Client will take good care and not cause any damage to be done to the Centre or to any fittings, equipment or other property in the Hire Area or in the Centre. Where damage is caused by any act, omission or neglect of the Client or the Authorised Persons, the Client is expected to make good by paying for the damage. The decision of repair or replacement will be determined by Croydon Conference Centre. Croydon Conference Centre will select the trades men or supplying company and will provide estimate of works to be carried out/replacement and will issue a copy of the estimate and an invoice for this amount to repair/replace the damaged area/items which will be due for immediate payment.

2.2.6. The Client will not at any time publish or cause or allow to be published any comment or material likely in the reasonable opinion of Croydon Conference Centre to discredit or damage Croydon Conference Centre’s reputation.

2.2.7. The Client will ensure that the conduct of the Event does not cause any nuisance or offence to other persons or guests either visiting or working in the Centre; and at the end of the Hire Period the Client will remove all the Client’s goods and hand back the Hire Area cleared and in such condition as it was in before the Hire Period, subject only to fair wear and tear. In default the Client shall pay Croydon Conference Centre the Clearance Fee during which the default exists and shall indemnify Croydon Conference Centre against any costs, damages or liability incurred by Croydon Conference Centre as a result of such default.

2.3.The benefit of this Agreement is personal to the Client and not assignable or capable of being sub-licensed to any other party.

2.4.Additional charges:

2.4.1. Should Croydon Conference Centre agree to vary the Services, Equipment or Hire Period either before or during the event Croydon Conference Centre reserves the right to increase the Fee in respect of any agreed changes.

2.4.2. Where the hire fee is calculated in part or in full with reference to the number of delegates if the number of delegates that attend the event is lower than the number of delegates specified in this agreement, the full Hire Fee remains payable. If the number of delegates that attend the event is higher than the number of delegates specified in this agreement, then an additional fee shall be charged based on the fee per delegate in the hire fee.

2.4.3. The Client shall not allow the number of people in the Hire Area at any time to exceed the Maximum Number of Authorised Persons.

2.4.4. Changes to the booking which incur additional charges as outlined in sections 2.4 above will be charged via Invoice and liable for payment on receipt of the invoice. If the changes are made on the day of the event, these charges will be due for payment immediately.

2.5.The Client will pay the Fee to Croydon Conference Centre as follows:

The Deposit: by way of non-refundable deposit as confirmation of booking when this agreement is signed by the Client.
The Balance: the Total outstanding Fee to be received no later than 14 days prior to the commencement of the hire period.

2.5.2.Payment Method:


2.5.3. If the Client fails to pay all or any part of the amounts due to Croydon Conference Centre under this Agreement by the due date for payment the Client will pay to Croydon Conference Centre interest on any overdue sum or sums from the due date to the date of payment at the prevailing Bank of England Base Rate plus 8% (eight per cent) on an annual basis.

2.5.4. All prices quoted are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate and will be subject to alteration should the rate of VAT change before the Event Date.

2.5.5. Croydon Conference Centre reserves the right to alter prices or other details shown in its brochure without notice. Tariffs are reviewed on 31 December and the Client will be invoiced at the rates applicable on the day of the event.


3.1. Should the Client cancel all or part of the booking by written notice prior to the beginning of the Hire Period, the Client will pay Croydon Conference Centre the following sums of money (together with any and all other costs incurred by Croydon Conference Centre on the Client’s behalf in respect of the Event):

3.2. For frequent periodic hire agreements if the payment is not received in accordance with 2.5 above, this will result in immediate cancellation of the remaining hire period

3.3. In the event that Croydon Conference Centre is prevented from carrying out all it’s obligations by circumstances beyond their reasonable control, including government intervention, strikes, labour disputes, accidents, acts of God, national or local disasters, war or any event causing the whole or a substantial part of the Centre to be closed to the public, breakdown of equipment, failure of third party suppliers, the Company’s liability will be no greater than the amount already paid by the Client to Croydon Conference Centre in respect of services booked.

3.4. Croydon Conference Centre shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to the property arising out of the holding of a function or any injury which may be incurred by or be done by or happen to any person during the holding of a function arising from any cause whatsoever, or for any loss due to breakdown of machinery, failure or supply of electricity or telephone, leakage of water, fire, riot, government restriction or act of God which may cause the premises to be temporarily closed or the function interrupted.

4.Limitation of Liability

4.1. Croydon Conference Centre’s liability whether under this Agreement or otherwise (other than for death or personal injury caused by its negligence) shall be limited to the Total Fee or such part of it as has been paid at any time. Croydon Conference Centre will not be liable for the death of or injury to any Authorised Person except where such death injury or loss is due to the negligence of Croydon Conference Centre, its servants or agents.

4.2. In the event of conflict between these Booking Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms, the Special Terms shall prevail. The terms of this Agreement may be varied by written agreement between the parties signed by the authorised representatives of both parties. You will need to provide your own public liability insurance for your event.

5. Services at the venue

5.1 Catering services including all food and drink is supplied in house by Croydon conference centre.  No outside catering services or products are to be brought into the centre unless it has been agreed by the centre management in writing prior to your event taking place.

5.2 Croydon conference centre has a licensed bar and provides a range of alcoholic drinks.  The bar is provided as part of bookings for live music, parties and other celebration events.  At no time can a hirer determine at the time of the event that as long as customers are over the legal age of purchasing alcohol, we can provide a licences bar unless it has been agreed in writing by the centre management at the time .

5.3 Croydon conference centre is licensed 7 days a week to 1.00am.  If your event goes to our closing time, the management will close the bar (if being used) and request that all music is stopped at 12.45am giving a 15 minute calling down time for guests to leave.

5.4 The Management or security at Croydon conference centre reserve the right to refuse entry without giving reason if they feel it necessary  to do so in line with the Door entry policy.

5.5.1If your event requires a DJ, the centre will provide you with a form which needs to be completed at least 4 weeks before your event.  This form is sent to the Police licencing office for approval.  It is recommended that you do not advertise your event until you have been granted permission by the Licencing office.

5.5.2 If your event is having a DJ, they must bring their own equipment except for speakers.  The Centre will provide you with two leads (Stereo) which can connect to our own in house sound system.  Our system has limiters connected to level the output of the sound.

5.6  Croydon Conference Centre regrets that it no longer takes bookings for parties for under age teenagers (13-17 year old)